Armor of God Bible Study

Hosted by From Him for Home & Faith Mamas

Welcome! We’re so happy you decided to join us. Sis, Are you ready to suit up? It’s time for an armor check!

Follow these simple steps to ensure you’re ready to begin:

Step 1: Buy you Book!

If you haven’t bought your book yet use these links to purchase your book for the study.

Step 2: Sign Up for the Online Videos

The purpose of this study is to walk through the word together. No one left behind, no sister left alone. We are in this together! So, follow these two steps to get connected to our online community!

  • Like our FB page: Click the link here to like our FB page! Bible Study conversations and our weekly live videos will be posted directly to this page.
  • Join our Slack Community (Designed with you in mind!): This platform helps us stay connected- outside of social media. Come here for the same connection sans distractions. This platform can be used in any web browser, and has an app too! Choose the system that works best for you. With space for conversations, prayer requests, and study updates, this is everything you need in one place. Sign up using this link and your email here: From Him for Home Slack Community

Step 3: Join us for Bible Study Live!

Every Monday Night, we will host a FB live event. You shouldn’t need FB to view the video, but let us know if FB has switched it up on us! Just click the link to our FB page, or use the FB link tab in the Slack Community.

In addition to our live videos, we will also post a link here to the bible study video, led by Priscilla Shirer herself. These video links with her will be live for ONLY TWO WEEKS, in order to respect copyright issues. Miss a video? No need to stress! Once the study ends, we will make ALL 7 video links for the study live again for one additional week. In other words, keep going and don’t give up! Our FB live videos will always be accessible in the group and on our FB page.

Step 4: Dig in Deep

Each week has 5 personal application lessons. You can do one a day, or break them up however you see fit. There is no time limit, and they aren’t “mandatory” (meaning no one is coming to check your homework!) But you should know, as with anything in life, you will get out of it what you are willing to put in.

Don’t give up if you get behind one week, just keep going. This isn’t a race. It’s an effort to sure up your resources by connecting with our only true source-God. We cannot overcome the kingdom of darkness or Satan and his schemes without Him. We have a real enemy, and this study is designed to help you take him down. Do the work. Schedule the time. Dig in deep this summer. So much is on the line. And the best part is that you aren’t alone! We’ve got your back sis!

Are you ready? Let’s do this ladies!!

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